You’ve got your product or idea, but you need help in getting the message out. This is where the power of video and animation can bring your work to life. You want to transform your viewers from skeptics into hard-core believers of your products and services.

But your video doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of careful planning, great editing, and staying on focus. However, before any editing, shooting, or storyboarding, it’s essential to have a great script (there are a few exceptions – like a testimonial video – but if you want to be clear, concise, and precise, a script is a necessity).

The reason you’re creating a video in the first place is you have something very important to share, and you want to do so in an impressive and impactful way. In addition, you want your target audience to a) easily grasp your vision b) why they should listen, and most importantly, c) hand over their hard-earned dollars to you.

This is where Suite Imagery can help. We’ll work with you to craft your script and taylor your message so it’s finely tuned to your target audience. Here’s a breakdown of our copywriting process:

1) We pow-wow with you to see who your audience is, the message you want to convey, and what you want them to do after they’re finished watching. We want to learn what are your three (3) main ideas you want to get across. We take a look at your project from the audience’s perspective and understand what they would want to see and hear. All of this is to give them key reasons why to stay engaged and follow through after they’re done watching. From here, we can begin to shape your project.

2) We put together an outline, much like any story, where there’s an introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and a conclusion. We work to build the context and set the stage as to why your idea, product, or service matters. We want your audience to get your big ideas and why they make sense for their own business. Most importantly, we put together an irresistible call to action that will drive them to seek out more information from you.

3) The heavy lifting: the writing. Typically, each minute of video encompasses 125-160 words, and in a 3-minute video (which is the suggested time length for most website videos), that’s upwards of about 480 words. That’s not many, but we make sure to use them well and pack a punch. We take all of your great ideas, put it into a blender, and viola! Your script!

But we’re not done yet…

4) We share this first draft (and any subsequent ones) with you, seeking your feedback, and craft that into a fine, polished script. We recommend for every round of edits on the script, you bring everyone involved with your video production to have a group reading, envisioning your audience to make sure you’re communicating exactly what you’re looking for in your message. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and we’ll work to make sure you have a script to be proud of, and the foundation of an attractive, professional video production.

Now that your great idea has become more tangible, we can begin fleshing it out through storyboarding.