What’s an Image Spotlight Video?

Each day there are literally thousands of messages fighting to get everyone’s attention. Only the messages that are memorable will have a lasting impression, while the other messages are lost in the shuffle.  A powerful message that’s easy to share with others will yield the best Return on Investment…. the vital ROI every organization is looking for.

So… how can your message best reflect the image of your product or organization?  It’s time to put your message…  your image in the spotlight.

Imagine your message being a dynamic presentation with motion graphics and professional production quality.  That’s… an Image Spotlight Video.

Picture your message being shared easily with others via social networking.  That’s… an Image Spotlight Video.

Visualize an animated presentation to grab attention for your booth at your next trade show.  That’s… an Image Spotlight Video.

Envision having a clear and immediate Call to Action along with your message.  That’s… an Image Spotlight Video…. by Suite Imagery.

Your Image Spotlight Video is all these things… and more.  Best of all, it’s a versatile tool that can be used for years to come, allowing for even greater returns on your investment.  Your Image Spotlight Video can be used in conjunction with your website, e-mails, mailing lists, trade shows, social networking, and presentations.  This multi-purposing of your Image Spotlight Video only increases the value and results of your production investment.

Suite Imagery makes it easy for you.  We write your script, record the narration, create the motion graphics and titles, animate your logo, create an interactive call to action and create all the files you’ll need to start using your new video immediately after production. If you like, we’ll even be able to help with creating website landing pages, upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

With your Image Spotlight Video, the possibilities are truly endless.