Motion Graphics & Animated Video Production

We live in a digital world, where video is king. The old school model of trying to reach your audience and potential clientele with still pictures and static text is being replaced with moving sights and sounds. The internet has exploded this phenomenon and will continue to dominate, as other forms of media – like newspapers – are phased out

Not having a video but simply static text or pictures is a great way to send visitors of your site back to Google to see if there’s another company who looks like they’ve got their act together. While it’s possible your product may be better than your competitors, if you haven’t grabbed a visitor’s attention as to why they should spend time on your site, there’s a great chance they’re going to go with your competition.

To compete in a global landscape and to share what makes your company unique, it’s crucial for video to be incorporated within every one of your marketing tactics. This means putting a video on the landing page of your website. This means creating a clickable icon in the signature of your e-mails to videos that you’ve uploaded on You Tube. This means adding a call-to-action to any videos you currently may have.

How you use videos all depends on your market. If you’re in the manufacturing industry, this means putting having a video prominently displayed at your trade show booth. If you have salesmen in your company, this means having a video readily available to give to prospective clients. If you’re trying to reach consumers, you’re going to want to create something catchy. Especially if you can tie it into a pop culture phenomenon or make them laugh, you’re going to attract major attention.

If your target market is other businesses, you’re going to want to make it crystal clear why your products or services will be of value to them. You want to them to know why what you’re offering can help make their own business grow in fantastic ways. 

Still not convinced?  Check out some stats about video production on our blog by clicking here.

If you want to make more money, which should be one of the reasons why you’re in business in the first place, you need to make getting a video up PRIORITY ONE  – on your website and in all your marketing. Otherwise, you’re failing to capitalize on a huge opportunity to reach customers that your competition is sure to nab.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a video. This is one of the reasons why Suite Imagery exists. It’s our mission to make you look good, and we want to make sure you’re competitive in the global marketplace. Having a video gives you a great ROI on your production, for its something that can be viewed 24/7, 365 days a year.

Your targeted market can’t wait to buy from you…you just need to know you exist and for you to give them a visual reason why. Let Suite Imagery help put your message in motion. Check out our Image Spotlight Video packages, or tell us about your  custom project by filling out the form below.

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