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Want a fun and educational way to help your child to learn the alphabet? Introducing Baby Inklings, an educational video which takes your child on a journey to discover the foundation of the English language through beautiful, engaging videography and delightful sounds.

As a complement to your child’s intelligence, Baby Inklings introduces each letter of the alphabet by an adult and then is repeated with children’s voices. Captivating video clips of an object beginning with that letter are matched with lively and diverse music designed to hold your child’s attention. He or she will naturally want to repeat the letter and words, thus encouraging letter recognition and will assist their growing vocabulary. As an added bonus, your child will also begin to develop a wonderful appreciation for music. This DVD introduces young children to the most common colors, using entertaining animation & video, along with upbeat music. The DVD has been received very well by both parents and babies and toddlers.Baby Inklings HeaderBaby Inklings invites you the share this musical journey with your child, and is especially suited to children ages 3 months – 2 years. Even parents enjoy watching and listening to this production!

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If you’re the owner of a store who caters to parents looking for quality videos for their young ones, we’d love to give Baby Inklings a new home in your store. Give us a call today at 262-898-8989!
Read what parents have to say about Baby Inklings:

“After 1 viewing, our 17-month-old daughter acquired 2 new words (“juice” and “water”). She dances with glee through the entire video and asks to watch it frequently. We actually had to limit her viewings, because she got to the point where she was waking up at night wanting to see it! She loves the variety of musical styles best.”
Matt H. from Portland, OR

“I’m writing to tell you I recently viewed “Baby Inklings Alphabet Discovery” with my daughter, son-in-law, and their two daughters, ages one and three. The three-year-old was mesmerized, and so were we all! This DVD is extraordinary!

I have a Ph.d. in dramatic lit and children’s theater from New York University and commend you for producing this DVD. From my training and sense of what appeals to children, this DVD is the best of its kind! The visuals are simple, colorful, and easy to identify. The auditory aspects are also super. The way you feature one adult saying sounds, followed by a group of children saying the same sounds, is extremely effective…The use of music is also impressive and helps a child to associate concepts and remember them. Your selections represent various types of music, all of which are instantly appealing and unforgettable. They are excellent choices! Little wonder that our 3-year-old swayed and sang as she watched the video! What fun! 

I am writing to tell you how very pleased we all were with this DVD… I shall recommend ‘Alphabet’ to all I know. It is such an effective way to help children learn language!”
 Dr. Nancy

“This video is alphabetastic!!!  My daughter Emma, 3 months old cannot take her eyes off the television. Her two nephews ( 3 and 18 months)  were dancing around the living room the first time they watched it. As a teacher I just love the simplicity in which you display the letters and their key objects. Thanks for creating such a wonderful education tool. The music just flows from start to finish!!!”                                                                                                                                                     Liz S. from Allendale, NJ

“Thanks for the excellent video. I have 3 kids of my own, but I’m also babysitting for 5 more at this moment and I just wanted to say that all 8 of them are watching the movie for the second time today. They range in age from 11 months to 9 years and they are all watching and participating in the movie. You know how rare this is…LOL. The music is great, the quality of the video is wonderful, and it flows well. Thanks again for all your hard work.”
 Kristy M. from IL

“My eleven month old usually doesn’t watch videos, but she took to this one. Although she didn’t sit through the whole thing, she only played for a few minutes in the middle of the DVD…I loved the illustration and the music.The DVD was well done. Loved it.”
 Shelley from Kenosha, WI

“My daughter and son love the video and couldn’t stop watching it just once. Both kids were repeating the letters and examples. They thought the character Inky Starr was funny also.”
 Will from Fremont, CA

“I’m not kidding, my kids love it! They repeat all the words, even the stuff that Inky says. They dance like Inky when he’s on the screen. And this morning when given a choice between [a name brand] alphabet movie and Baby Inklings, yours won hands down. You have a very good product.”
 Ann from Racine, WI

Order Now! Only $9.95!

If you’re the owner of a store who caters to parents looking for quality videos for their young ones, we’d love to give Baby Inklings a new home in your store. Give us a call today at 262-898-8989!