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Custom Illustration helping with Social Media and Digital Marketing

Custom-Made Illustration helping to say Happy… errr… Zappy Thanksgiving on social media!

Our team has been producing technical illustrations for our clients over the years, but we entered into a new endeavor in 2019 when one of our animation clients, Grace Engineered Products, asked us for something along a different line. Previously, they had created a comic strip featuring the characters: Burnie and Les. This comic strip is used in their digital marketing and social media, to help promote their electrical safety products and solutions, along with predictive maintenance, while having a little bit of fun along the way! They were in need of an illustrator to take over the creation of this series, and Suite Imagery was very excited to help Burnie & Les along their journey.

Through 2019, Burnie has been trapped in a cabinet, has struggled in being an “Engine Doctor,” has had some sleepless nights, has tripped over electrical chords, used a jackhammer, has traveled to Paris France, and has been locked out of the Grace Engineered Products office. Thankfully, Les has been with him throughout the year to help Burnie along the way — always being ready with Grace’s solutions! What are friends for, right?

Grace’s clients and followers have been able to follow these adventures in 2019 on social media and on the Grace website. However, we need to remember that digital marketing can still be a dangerous task, and Burnie learned that this year in preparing for Thanksgiving. At the beginning of November, we asked Grace’s team what Burnie and Les were going to be doing for Thanksgiving, and it turns out, Burnie had been catching up on his Ben Franklin reading. And, well… the comic speaks for itself!

Creating characters using illustration is a clever and engaging way to share products and messages with your clients and prospects… including offering them the very best of Thanksgivings! We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving week, and a great end to this year, and decade! Burnie and Les look to keep up their antics in 2020 and beyond… and we’d love to help you with your’s!