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Animation for Stationary Products

It’s easy to envision how animation can be utilized in marketing a product that has a lot of motion involved with it — whether the motion is functionality, or the installation process.  But, what about those great products that serve a great purpose, but don’t seem to lend themselves well to using animation?

Ecotec’s energy efficient industrial battery charger is a great example of such a situation. This charger offers flexibility, wireless communications and controls, and energy efficiency — but, there’s not any physical motion involved in it’s operation.  Utilizing 3D animation, motion can be added using camera motion, creative views, and animated titles to grab and keep the viewer’s attention.

The animated video was recently released at a trade show, and served their booth with engaging visuals and talking points.  Take a quick look at this completed project at the link below, to see how even a non-moving product can benefit from animation.



5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Animated Video Company

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